Aquila Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre.

When you visit Aquila Private Game Reserve you know that both guests and animals are in safe, loving hands. Since its inception the primary focus of the reserve has been to educate visitors on the importance of wildlife conservation, how it affects each individual and what can be done to protect it for future generations.

The reserve has formed a project called The Aquila Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre. Some of the projects the ARC is involved with include:

  • Friends of Robben Island
  • Cheetah Rescue
  • Cape Mountain Leopard Conservation Project
  • Canned Lion Sanctuary

To help the ARC to ensure that future generations benefit from the beautiful wildlife on the reserver. Please SMS the word "donate" to 41000 (R 25 per sms pledge)

In 2008 the reserve was honoured by Chris Mercer the National Director "Campaign Against Canned Hunting" by presenting owner Searle Derman with a "CATCH ETHOS Certification" due to their high standards of responsible tourism and their tireless efforts that were made in rehabilitating Lions and Lion cubs that were saved from a doomed 'canned lion' fate; a despicable form of hunting. The lions now roam their terrain of mountains, valleys and rivers never knowing that they are in a sanctuary!

The Cheetah rescue project is another educational conservation project that Aquila is passionate about. The reserve offers complimentary talks and introduction to these beautiful creatures to create awareness of the critically diminishing numbers of the free ranging cheetah. Due to the animals being captive bred they will not be seen on the game drive yet and the cheetah experience is strictly controlled, however the measures are in place in the interest of cheetah survival worldwide, in the hope that one day, they too will no longer be under threat of extinction.

The wildlife conservation efforts of Aquila are not only confined to the reserve itself. The entire Western Cape has, and will continue to benefit. Owner Searle Derman has generously donated money, time, staff assistance, medical supplies, transportation and many other resources to aid various animal rescue and rehabilitation projects that benefit the Cape region. Follow these links for more on how Aquila has contributed to conservation in the Western Cape:

In addition to the conservation efforts, social responsibility plays a key part in ensuring that the local region prospers and benefits from the reserve, with education be the core focus of all operations. For the past three years Aquila has been the proud recipient of the FEDHASA Imvelo award for responsible tourism. Local residents have been instrumental in the building of the reserve and continue to be supported through employment today. Each staff member is offered training and development and as each one supports approximately 5 family members Aquila is a valuable source of income for the local community.